The ancient Aborigines myth tells the story of the origin of Life on planet Heart.
The God Serpent slithering along the Hearth hemisphere creating paths and roads generates Life.
The magic memory in the ritual tradition remember these path in the behavior of the aborigines with the custom of Walkabouts where these ancestral roads, the song lines went walked as solemn mass by each person in a prayer form, searching for physicological map and identity.

These series of contemporary Walkabouts follow the archetype tracks delivered by these old memories: promenading through the search of the new definition of the place and inhabited spaces in a psychogeographic mode, turning over the idea of stream of consciousness.The flow of visions that follows opens manifest in each walkabout showing the memory of space and its inhabitants in a series of frame-fragments that question the observer as Rorschach tables.

The Walkabouts are made in a single unit of time and space (same city), using an old medium format analogue folding camera, Voiglander Bessa 66, with film of twelve shots with the possibility of shooting several times on the same film.

Walkabout 78

Walkabout 12

Walkabout 16

Walkabout 9

Walkabout 44

Walkabout 31

Walkabout 77

Walkabout 15