Pos 3 ers

Last night while I was looking at the photos posted on the Instagram profile, automatically from the screen according to how the social algorithm showed them in sequence they appeared to me as triptychs already selected.
Triptychs to be grasped at the moment because uploading a new photo messes up the visualization of the sequences and creates new ones by moving them.
I thought about this project which is called: pos 3 rs.
The combination of the 3 photos in the archive is done in a first phase by the instagram algorithm, I select only the already matched triptych that seems to me aesthetically relevant functional narrative, without breaking down what the automatism has created.

The result is an iterative game, a narrative ploy to show the triptychs of images: a device for working with the archive where the randomness dictated by the code command that assembles remains, the rule that triptychs cannot be disassembled, human selection triptychs created on the basis of polysemy and poetry.

"On an insignificant basis of reality, the imagination spins and weaves new designs."
                                           August Strindberg