Return to sender

Dummy photobook ongoing

In September 2019 we land on a cheap flight to Miami.
We rent a battered arb & b on the oceanfront almost where Ocean Drive ends on the dock.
A few days later we discover that Hurricane Dorian would have hit the city.
We just have to move to the other shore towards Clearwater where there is the Salvador Dali museum.

The images in this book tell the story of a postcard that existed before emails took the place of memories.
A postcard sent full of memories, never reached the recipient, because perhaps there was never a recipient, but this postcard could not know until they told her: Return to Sender.
So out of breath, full of dizziness, she tried as quickly as possible to get back from where she was sent. Fear, haste, the desire for speed in returning, made her lose memories and colors. Lighter, faster.

I found on the beach, while black clouds were gathering on the horizon, traces of its passage, I have collected and lined up as I could, in this book. Memories are dirty and confused but still vibrant and romantic, almost like certain songs.

Pictures on the wall

Return to sender, Mojave 3, from the Album Excuses Fo Travellers (2000)