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Instagram changes and alters the social identity with a body full of frames. I think about my instagram profile, when automatically I check in a compulsive way, even if I don’t have any particular pictures, just to notice the amount of likes received.

The social media attitude affects the social perception of selves turning in an autistic assumption generated by the algorithm that define and settle, in the act of sharing.

I selected the instagram pictures with more than fourteen likes to create a visual perimeter in a random way, integrating them with images of pieces of my body, with the intention to reconstruct the unity of a unique body, one vision in which these different bodies made of skin and pixels can melt together in a moloch or in a totem.

Pictures on the wall

Photo & Design: paolo_bianchi
Pages: 22
Papers: Espon Mate
Binding: stapled
Copies: 1/50